elmex® EROSION PROTECTION toothpaste

Strengthens dental enamel and makes it more resistant against repeated
erosive acid attacks. Protects against toothbrushing-related loss of softened

Active ingredients:
Stannous chloride
Amine fluoride (Olaflur)
Sodium fluoride
Chitosan (0.5%)

Fluoride content:
1400 ppm F- (700 ppm F- from amine fluoride,
700 ppm F- from sodium fluoride)

Stannous content:
3500 ppm Sn2+ from stannous chloride

pH 4.5


For daily toothbrushing
Protects effectively against erosive/abrasive enamel loss

Product benefits:
elmex® EROSION PROTECTION toothpaste with ChitoActive technology™ (chitosan, a biopolymer; stannous chloride; and amine fluoride) is a daily toothpaste for people at risk of erosion and patients with erosion. Regular use of elmex® EROSION PROTECTION toothpaste promotes the formation of a protective stannous layer on dental surfaces. As a second step, in the course of erosive attacks, insoluble stannous compounds are incorporated into the softened enamel.

elmex® EROSION PROTECTION toothpaste strengthens dental enamel, thereby making teeth more resistant against repeated acid attacks and toothbrushing-related loss of softened enamel.
In addition, amine fluoride protects against caries.

For daily oral hygiene, from the age of 6.
For effective protection against dental erosion, combined use with elmex® EROSION PROTECTION dental rinse is recommended.

Package size:
75 ml
20 ml